We hope that you will visit our site often to see what is happening in our ministry, to contact us, and to see how you can join us in reaching postmodern Germany for Christ! We are now living in Germany and serving Christ Jesus by helping a small church in Pirmasens, Germany, a city which is very close to the French border. It is a city of about 40,000 people, with a rich history. Historically, it held the title "shoe capital of the world" and up until 1994 was home to an American army base.  While some shoes are still manufactured here, production has fallen off substantially, and the city no longer has the influence that it once enjoyed. While it has its share of wealthy families, there is also a large number of underprivileged people, particularly downtown.  There is a real need here, as well as in after school programs (tutoring and mentoring) for the children and to refugees who began to arrive in 2015. The possibilities of working here are exciting.  It is a very beautiful area, both inside and outside the city.