Seminar on Islam

Douglas McClain on June 9, 2018

Please pray for us as we attend an important seminar from Sunday to Tuesday about Islam and effectively reaching Muslim people. This is very important for us as we move forward with our church's ministry to the Muslim people, as well as others. From our latest newsletter: UPCOMING EVENTS On June 10-12 We will be attending a 3-day seminar to learn more about Muslim people and the religion of Islam. We are looking forward to this, so that we can better understand this culture and more effectively reach out with the love of God to them. Many of Germany's refugees come...

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Continued Prayers

Douglas McClain on August 18, 2017

Hello Everyone, Hope all is well as the school year is about to begin. We have been in the US for 18 days with 12 remaining til our departure. We began the month at 88% of full funding. We have potentially come up to 94% (halfway from 88% to 100%). That figure includes 2 probable monthly commitments, as well as a few one-time donations. God has been really good and faithful once more! It has been a wonderful 2-1/2 weeks of meeting new people, and seeing God provide for our ministry, yet again. However, the highlight is welcoming another member...

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Douglas McClain on April 6, 2016

Here is an update on our visas and drivers licenses. We recieved our visas a few days ago. It seems that they were ready when we received the letter that said to wait for a phone call. We could have had them a month earlier! Oh well, we have them now. They are good for 3 years and we can finally put our passports away. We also applied for our Deutsche Bank credit cards (we had to have our visas for this). They should be here next week. The paperwork for the drivers licenses should be completed by Monday. The...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Douglas McClain on November 26, 2015

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Douglas McClain on November 14, 2015

Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Paris and all of France. We live in a world that is marked by pure evil. God has called us here to show others that there is an answer for the evil found in the hearts of all men (including me and you). Some of you have probably been wondering how this has affected us. We are very safe and we thank you for your concern for us. Kathy and I are in Pirmasens, Germany. We are probably a little over 4 hours from Paris. While Germany is receiving many...

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