Seminar on Islam

Douglas McClain on June 9, 2018

Please pray for us as we attend an important seminar from Sunday to Tuesday about Islam and effectively reaching Muslim people. This is very important for us as we move forward with our church's ministry to the Muslim people, as well as others. From our latest newsletter: UPCOMING EVENTS On June 10-12 We will be attending a 3-day seminar to learn more about Muslim people and the religion of Islam. We are looking forward to this, so that we can better understand this culture and more effectively reach out with the love of God to them. Many of Germany's refugees come...

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Continued Prayers

Douglas McClain on August 18, 2017

Hello Everyone, Hope all is well as the school year is about to begin. We have been in the US for 18 days with 12 remaining til our departure. We began the month at 88% of full funding. We have potentially come up to 94% (halfway from 88% to 100%). That figure includes 2 probable monthly commitments, as well as a few one-time donations. God has been really good and faithful once more! It has been a wonderful 2-1/2 weeks of meeting new people, and seeing God provide for our ministry, yet again. However, the highlight is welcoming another member...

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Douglas McClain on April 6, 2016

Here is an update on our visas and drivers licenses. We recieved our visas a few days ago. It seems that they were ready when we received the letter that said to wait for a phone call. We could have had them a month earlier! Oh well, we have them now. They are good for 3 years and we can finally put our passports away. We also applied for our Deutsche Bank credit cards (we had to have our visas for this). They should be here next week. The paperwork for the drivers licenses should be completed by Monday. The...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Douglas McClain on November 26, 2015

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Douglas McClain on November 14, 2015

Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Paris and all of France. We live in a world that is marked by pure evil. God has called us here to show others that there is an answer for the evil found in the hearts of all men (including me and you). Some of you have probably been wondering how this has affected us. We are very safe and we thank you for your concern for us. Kathy and I are in Pirmasens, Germany. We are probably a little over 4 hours from Paris. While Germany is receiving many...

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Final Clearance

Douglas McClain on October 1, 2015

In the last 2 hours, we received our CEIM clearance, which is the education wing of ABWE, and we have received our final clearance from Brad, the director of pre-field ministries (he spoke at our commissioning service). Kathy will finish up her class tomorrow, then we will spend timem with our children this weekend, and then it is off to Germany on Sunday. 4 days until we land in Germany!

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The Time Has Come

Douglas McClain on September 21, 2015

This is going out to all of our financial team mates. First of all thank you for your dilligence and faithfulness as you continue to partner with us in ministry, both financially and in prayer. We are presently at ABWE headquarters taking the final step before leaving for Germany on October 4 (in 13 days). Some of you have decided to financially team with us in God's work in Germany, and to begin when we leave for the field. This is a notification to you that the time has indeed come. Again welcome to the team and thank you for...

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Commissioning Service this Sunday

Douglas McClain on May 16, 2015

Hello Partners in Reaching Germany, Just a quick reminder that our missionary commissioning service will be held this Sunday, May 17 at 6:00pm at Harvest Baptist Church in Wapakoneta, Ohio.  The address of the church is 1301 Navajo Trail, just across from the High school baseball field.   Everyone is invited and welcome.  We hope to see many of you there. For those who cannot make it, the service will be streamed live at 6:00pm on the church web site (link below) and may also be seen later on the same web site archives.  The web site for the church is

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Financial Update

Douglas McClain on May 4, 2015

Partners in Christ, A few people have asked us to share an update of our O&P (one-time) financial need at this point.  After a good week last week, we now have a total of $200.86 to reach 100% of this goal.  Reaching our goal would result in gaining our financial clearance from ABWE.  It would be our second of 5 clearances necessary to leave for Germany (we received our medical clearance last week). Our house should be on the market this week!  It needs to sell before we can leave (vacant house insurance rates when we are in another country...

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Commissioning Service

Douglas McClain on April 17, 2015

Dear Partners in Christ, The details that I reported to you about our commissioning service are incorrect.  I apologize for the misinformation.  I mistakenly thought it was to take place during our regular Sunday morning services, my mistake. The correct time is:  Sunday, May 17, 2015 @ 6:00 pm at Harvest Baptist Church in Wapakoneta, Ohio (just down the road from the high school @ 1301 Navajo Trail). I hope this helps clear up any confusion.  I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.  We hope to see you all there.

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He Is Risen Indeed!

Doug & Kathy McClain on April 3, 2015

Come Let Us Worship the King!  He is risen and reigns victorious over all!   If you haven't received our most recent newsletter (about 1 week ago), please check your junk-mail or spam folder to see if it was filtered there, and move it to your inbox where you can read it.  Then please add our email address ( to your address book to help prevent this from happening again.  If you still don't find our newsletter there, please let us know.  You can always view our newsletters on our website:  by clicking on the newsletter tab, or by...

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Finishing Our Survey Trip

Kathy McClain on February 16, 2015

    Dear Partners for Reaching Germany for Christ, Monday, February 16, 2015 The time has passed so quickly!  It's hard to believe that tomorrow morning we will return to the airport to fly home and finish preparing for our move to Pirmasens, Germany.  Here is an ever so brief summary of the remainder of our survey trip to Germany: SATURDAY - helped set up and decorate for the Valentines Day dinner attended by believers from the various churches in the Kusel region, held the dinner, cleaned up/did dishes, set up the sanctuary for the Kusel church service SUNDAY - went...

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Survey Trip - After Two Days in Germany

Kathy McClain on February 13, 2015

Dear Partners for Reaching Germany for Christ,                     Friday evening, February 13, 2015 Yesterday morning we arrived in Germany for our brief survey trip, and were greeted at the airport by Michael Landoll, our team leader, and Rich Rudolph, a fellow team member.  We are now even more excited about finishing up the remaining prefield activities (raising the remaining $17,000 "one-time" need, selling our home and possessions, etc.) so that we can return to minister permanently here in Germany!  Here is a brief summary of the past 2 days: THURSDAY -...

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Field Prep Seminar summary

Douglas McClain on November 25, 2014

Field Preparation Seminar (FPS) was a whirlwind for us.  The learning process and content was pertinent to what we needed to get us to the mission field.  From the very beginning we experienced a great deal of information both in breadth and depth.  We began by delving into our "Cultural Intelligence", which includes our motivation for learning about a new culture, our knowledge of that culture, our strategy for understanding the new culture, and our capability to adapt to that culture.  Next we tackled the topics of personal finances, security, and health, as well as setting up a support network...

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Heading Home

Doug & Kathy McClain on November 19, 2014

  Dear Friends, It's hard to believe how fast our time here at Field Prep Seminar has gone. It's equally as hard to believe how much learning can be crammed into 9 days of classes! During our time here at FPS, we have grown much closer to the other 27 missionaries who are almost ready to go to their chosen fields, and we realize that this could be our last time together for a very long time. Bitter-sweet. Tomorrow, our final day, will end with a send-off ceremony and some tearful yet joyous good-byes. Please pray for our traveling safety...

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Here we are, at FPS!

Douglas McClain on November 10, 2014

We had our first night of meetings.  We began with an inspiring message from our president, who will be in the Middle East speaking to our team there tomorrow.  We ate dinner and then had a time of summarizing our prefield experiences pictorially as a group on a flip chart (see picture).  After an orientation and a group prayer, we dismissed.  The work begins tomorrow!  We cannot express how much we appreciate your prayers and words of encouragement.  We are here because of God working through the prayers of the team He has assembled! Doug & Kathy

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FPS, here we come!

Douglas McClain on October 26, 2014

    Hello all, I have wanted to update you all day long.  However, until just now we were having a double birthday party for 2 of our 3 kids.  Their birthdays are October 23 & 29, so today was the obvious choice. We REALLY do appreciate the team God has been assembling!  Thank you for the prayers, feedback, and concern you have shown toward us always, but especially this weekend.  God has responded in a HUGE way!  In 24 hrs., our monthly percentage went from 64% at the beginning of Saturday to 91% this morning!!!  WOW, God is AWESOME!!!  I just checked...

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Essential Mission Components

Douglas McClain on July 29, 2014

We have completed 2 days of Essential Mission Components, with 3 days to go.  It has been great already.  We are learning the nuts and bolts of missionary work with ABWE.  We have already learned about ABWE's philosophy and methodology of missions, as well as the worldview of Germany and post-modernism.  We are looking forward to the next 3 days. We have an opportunity to present our ministry to a church prayer meeting tomorrow night (Wed).  Please pray for that.

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Map Update

Douglas McClain on July 10, 2014

We have just edited our "Progress Toward Germany" map on our home page.  It now shows ALL financial partnerships since we began.  The former map illustrated new partnerships since 45%.  We are presently at 52%.  As before, when the map is all green, the ministry will be fully funded and we will be ready for our departure to Germany.  Please continue praying for God to continue to develop new prayer and financial partnerships.

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God Working through Churches

Doug McClain on May 1, 2014

God has been very good to us as we have contacted a few churches lately.  On Palm Sunday we were in both services of a local church as our new video was played.  They presented us to the congregation as their special Easter giving project.  We spoke to a number of people afterward at our display table and came away with several interested people as well.  We are awaiting the totals from that offering. The Sunday after Easter we had the opportunity to present our ministry at both services of another church.  Doug was able to bring the message at...

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Blocked Newsletters

Douglas McClain on March 16, 2014

Some of you have not received our newsletters the past 2 months.  We have sent out 2 newsletters in 2014, so far (Jan.6 & Mar. 2).  We tried to reach everyone who has not received these (or at least not opened them).  It seems that we have been blocked by filters and the e-mail has been rejected. To allow our newsletters to pass through your computer's filters, please add our e-mail address (below) to your e-mail address book:                                            ...

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A Year Ago Today

Kathy McClain on December 2, 2013

Life changed.  Time had stopped.  Holy terror seized my heart.  We had to talk!  I glanced over at Doug knowing that it could never be the same.  God had asked that same question of old, "Whom shall I send?" and at that moment everything in me cried, "Here am I, Lord!  Send me!"  I knew it meant change...BIG change, but nothing else mattered at that moment.  How could I let my comfort, my things, my plans, ME stand in the way!?  None of that mattered now.  God had opened my eyes, and I couldn't hold on to any of it...

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Doug & Kathy McClain on August 17, 2013

Assembling our ministry team is going well.  Doug's second job at Lowe's has limited our times for meeting to this point.  However, God has blessed the time that we have had with a good number of new prayer partners and supporters. PRAISE #1:  Doug's job at Lowe's officially ended last night (he had notified them 2 weeks ago).  He liked the job and the people, but could not continue there and give time to the ministry as well. PRAISE #2:  The total amount of pledges that we have received to date is close to 5% of our total monthly need.  Thanks to all...

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