Partner With Us

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If God is leading you to become a part of our monthly financial team, please click on the following link to partner online with us.

Click Here to Partner Financially

  1. Indicate your donation amount and then click "Set Up Automatic Monthly Giving".
  2. Identify whether you are an individual, organization, or church and decide how you want your giving to be done by clicking on either "bank account" or "credit/debit".  You will be directed to a form for the automatic support program.
  3. You will be asked if you are currently enrolled in the Automatic Support Program. If this is your first time donating to ABWE, you will want to check "No, I am not currently enrolled." Complete the personal information section. (NOTE:  If this is your first time with ABWE, you do not have a "Donor ID Number", so leave it blank).
  4. Complete the "Missionary/Project Information".  Be sure to type in our names (Doug & Kathy McClain) and our account Number (0135731). You will need to again indicate your monthly donation amount.
  5. Then, complete the banking or debit/credit card information, make any comments that you need (if any), and click on "SUBMIT".   

Please let us know if you have partnered financially with us on our Contact Us page.




If God is leading you to partner with us in prayer for Germany, please let us know on our Contact Us page.



*******  We are VERY grateful for your partnership!  *******