Douglas McClain on November 14, 2015

Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Paris and all of France. We live in a world that is marked by pure evil. God has called us here to show others that there is an answer for the evil found in the hearts of all men (including me and you). Some of you have probably been wondering how this has affected us. We are very safe and we thank you for your concern for us.

Kathy and I are in Pirmasens, Germany. We are probably a little over 4 hours from Paris. While Germany is receiving many refugees (as the government calls them), there has been no threat here. Life goes on as usual for the German people, even though they feel a kinship in this tragedy experienced by their neighbors. Pirmasens is a city of 40,000 people in a quiet part of Germany. Unemployment is high here since the loss of many of its shoe factories years ago. It is a city of those who found much wealth from the shoe industry (Pirmasens used to be the "shoe capital of the world") and those who are on government subsidies. There is not much in between. 

The terrorists seem to target large cities. The closest is Mannheim (just over 1 hour away), Frankfort (just under 2 hours away), but Rammstein AFB is 30 minutes away. We feel every bit as safe here as in the US. Terrorists can strike anytime, anywhere, but we are as safe here as anywhere, for now. ABWE has a great team of missionaries in France, some of whom are in Paris (all are safe).  Please join us in praying especially for those whose lives have been affected by this tragedy and that God would use this to open the hearts of the people of Europe to hear and accept the good news of a Savior who is able to give them eternal life!