Douglas McClain on April 6, 2016

Here is an update on our visas and drivers licenses.

We recieved our visas a few days ago. It seems that they were ready when we received the letter that said to wait for a phone call. We could have had them a month earlier! Oh well, we have them now. They are good for 3 years and we can finally put our passports away. We also applied for our Deutsche Bank credit cards (we had to have our visas for this). They should be here next week.

The paperwork for the drivers licenses should be completed by Monday. The nice thing for us is that Ohio has reciprocity with Germany, so you don't have to take the tests. However, we each need to present 5 items at the time that we file our paperwork: 1. our Ohio drivers license, 2. an official translation of the Ohio licenses into German ($55/each), 3. an eye exam, 4. a passport/visa quality photo of each of us (we have extras when photos were taken for our visas), 5. and a paper stating that we have completed an all-day first aid training.

We have our Ohio licenses, the translations of our licenses, our photos, and Kathy's eye test results. Kathy was able to take the easy, walk-in, 5 minute vision test. However, Doug has an issue with his right eye and has to have a full-blown regular eye exam at an optometrist, like one given in the states. God graciously (through a church friend) allowed Doug to schedule an appointment for this Friday morning at 10:30 (4:30 am Ohio time), then on Saturday, we will be attending an all-day first aid class. That, along with the payment for the licenses, will take care of the required "hoops". We believe that all official items to which we need to attend will finally be conpleted!

We'd appreciate your prayers for the start of our weekly KizzTreff after school program for elementary students which begins this Monday. Thanks!