Continued Prayers

Douglas McClain on August 18, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Hope all is well as the school year is about to begin. We have been in the US for 18 days with 12 remaining til our departure. We began the month at 88% of full funding. We have potentially come up to 94% (halfway from 88% to 100%). That figure includes 2 probable monthly commitments, as well as a few one-time donations. God has been really good and faithful once more! It has been a wonderful 2-1/2 weeks of meeting new people, and seeing God provide for our ministry, yet again. However, the highlight is welcoming another member to our family! We have thoroughly enjoyed our time becoming acquainted with our grandson, Finn. Please pray that God would continue to provide for all of our needs. We thank Him for providing such a wonderful and faithful team to join us in ministry.

Doug and Kathy